Our owner, Judi James has been nominated for the 2013 Humaneitarian Award sponsored by Willamette Humane Society. Our instructors are certified training partners of Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior & Training (CTP-KPA). We are locally owned and have been the most trusted dog training service provider in the area since 2009.

Dog Daycare Tips

Conveniently Located

My Dogs Gym & Training Centre is located in a large warehouse complex at 1337 Madison St. NE, Salem, Oregon 97301. Our space is located in the northeast corner of the building, suite 165. This old building has undergone a complete reconstruction and is now a well-insulated, heated and ventilated facility with environmentally friendly walls and fixtures. One of the features of the new building is the great windows near the ceiling providing plenty of natural light without the glare, radiation, or shadows that reduce you and your dog’s comfort and safety while practicing at My Dogs Gym.

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Our Mission

My Dogs Gym & Training Centre in Salem, Oregon provides dog owners a safe, clean indoor environment to learn how to communicate with their dogs in a positive, fun way while building skills to solve common behavior problems resulting in a well-mannered companion dog.
Our Commitment to You, Our Customer and Client, is to provide:

  • You with a positive training experience and atmosphere of learning
  • You with frequent opportunities for safe exercise, games, and practice with your dog.
  • Your dog with well supervised, safe, small group play and exercise for your dog
  • You with peace of mind that your buddy enjoys its time at My Dogs Gym
  • You with a comfortable, well lighted indoor facility to practice and play safely.
  • You with high quality, professional instruction and coaching for improved communication with your dog, good manners in your dog. and improved performance in companion dog sports.
  • You with more personal attention and positive feedback during each lesson or practice session.
  • You with skills to communicate with and teach your dog using positive reinforcement while minimizing or eliminating negative behaviors.
  • You with small size classes for more personal attention and learning.

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