Willamette Valley Scentwork

Want to see more well organized AKC Scentwork Events in the Willamette Valley?

Join the Club!


Are you as disappointed as I am with how few AKC scentwork events have happened in the Willamette Valley?  or the PNW for that matter.

Well, let's do something about it!            

New Club Organizing NOW

A Club dedicated to AKC Scentwork can become a resource for other area clubs  as well as fast tracking through AKC's club approval process. 

It currently takes 20 members, with at least 10 experienced in competing, judging or working scentwork events (includes tracking, hunt, utility obedience, and other organizations nosework events)  

There is no requirement to put on matches, etc. But, practice matches are a great way to get together with others to organize a club and prepare for our first licensed event.

See Container-RAMA flyer below.  Next practice is December 30, 2018.  We will also hold a short organizational meeting during the noon break.