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Corona Virus

Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

ONLINE CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE ! As COVID-19 continues to reshape our lives, we're pleased to announce online classes now available.  We've been practicing with a couple of the classes that hadn't finished when the quarantine order hit, and we're now ready to offer some new classes!

See the class tab for more information

 We hope everyone is observing good social distancing when they must be outside their homes.  Fortunately, our dogs don't get this bug so play and train all you can for the support you both can share!  

As the pandemic continues, we'll keep you informed here of what is happening at the Gym.

Quality and Attention

Gym instructors are certified by the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Behavior & Training, or working toward that credential.

We also have decades of experience teaching adults in other settings including physical therapy, on the job safety and risk management, secondary and college education.

Our dog training classes are small, currently 3 or 4 students in each lesson.  Each dog and owner has a personal space to work with minimal distractions and lots of personal attention from the instructor.

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Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

 Join us for classes in a temporary location.  We'll be offering a limited class schedule with the same great instructors while looking for a new location.

Ongoing classes will feature

  • Star Dog for the right start for a lifetime of learning
  • Life Skills 
  • Dog Sport Medley
  • Pet Therapy Dog Skills
  • Scent Work
  • Competition Obedience
  • Zoom to Zen

Other Pet Programs:

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • AKC Pet Therapy Dog Program
  • AKC STAR Puppy
  • Pet Partners

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Coming Soon

Positive Dog Training

Coming Soon

Monthly Pass Program is Back

  • Star Dog - learn the basics of clicker training and skills for AKC Star Puppy certificate 
  • Life Skills - build your furry Star Dog for great manners at home and on the street
  • Pet Therapy Dog Skills prepare to be a Pet Partner team for therapy visits
  • Scent Work a fun way to work with your dog learning the secrets of odor detection.
  • Dog Sport Medley introduces you and your dog to a variety of fun dog sports equipment, tricks and more
  • Zoom to Zen teach your dog to relax and enjoy new environments because of a better bond with you.

Most classes are six lessons and may be repeated.  

New Schedule will be posted soon.

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